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It is said that if one is interested in learning music then it is best to start with learning the piano. Whether you want to play as a soloist, accompany another musician or play jazz; learning the piano gives every student a strong foundation to learn other instruments with ease.

The piano offers the student the opportunity to read in two different clefs enhancing left and right hand motor skills and physical coordination. Piano instruction also helps develop the brain in the areas of language and reasoning. Learning the piano teaches patience, delayed gratification, increases attention and focus.

Our teachers work with the philosophy to not just teach you or your child how to play piano… but to make it fun in the process.


“Do I need to buy a piano?”

There are many options for purchasing or even renting a piano. The best is to learn on a real- acoustic instrument. If that is not in the budget, then it is recommended that you be able to work on a full-length electric keyboard that has weighted keys. This type of keyboard helps the fingers and hand muscles to develop almost in the way they would when working on a real piano.

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Included in the private lesson tuition, we provide complementary

theory classes for any students interested.

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