Music and Memories at CFA's Fall Festival

By Sean Stone-Ashe

On a typical warm October Saturday afternoon in Sugar Land, Texas, you wouldn’t know that Fall had arrived. But stepping through the entrance to Century Fine Arts would tell another story. It was Fall Fest at the school, and students arrived in Halloween costumes ready to play games and music, and make memories with their family and friends.

The evening began with a few rounds of musical bingo, a classic game for all ages that tied in the students’ music education with the festivities. The participants had to identify symbols from musical notation, as well as composer names in pursuit of the crème-de-la-crème of childhood prizes - fistfuls of candy!

But the main course of any CFA event is the music, and festival-goers were treated to a wonderful student recital featuring singing, piano, guitar, and ukulele. It was a packed event, but many of the performers - many of whom were wearing adorable and spooky Halloween attire - seemed confident and played excellently.

I was particularly touched by a young student named Mira, who sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow while accompanying herself on ukulele. Accompanying oneself is a deceptively challenging skill, but she did so masterfully and sang beautifully throughout the performance.

I also had a proud moment hearing my longtime student Suhridh perform the very fitting Autumn Waltz on guitar. He only needed one eye open through his costume mask to play his piece, and it was evident from his performance that he has cultivated a refined touch on the guitar with attention to detail.

Following the performance, festival participants had the opportunity to trick-or-treat through the studio rooms of Century Fine Arts, and grab any last bit of candy their hearts desired!

* * * * * * *

2023’s Fall Fest was a wonderful evening of fun, music, and memories. And, these sorts of experiences are truly what sets Century Fine Arts apart as a school. It is wonderful to see all the growth the school has experienced in recent years, and the community CFA is building is no small part of that success