Mateo Orozco

Mateo Orozco / Guitar Teacher

Availability: Friday

Mateo Orozco is from Colombia and he is currently located in the Houston, Texas area. He has more than 8 years of experience teaching and playing music at various schools and with private students. He comes from a family of musicians and his passion of music has always surrounded him. During the Covid-19 quarantine, Mateo has been working from home as a music producer and a session guitarist for artists all over the world. He teaches guitar and production lessons to people of various ages and levels.

Mateo is the director and producer of a project called Color Nativo, which is very relevant in the Colombian Scene, influenced by jazz and Latin music. He has studied in various countries, primarily in the USA, Colombia and Argentina. Mateo says, “It has been a great experience to meet diverse people who love music”. Mateo holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and an associate’s degree in Music Production. His teaching philosophy consists of addressing topics that are appealing to the musical taste of the students, and focusing on the development of the instrumental technique and the musical ear of each student.