Jayson Myers

Jayson Myers /  Guitar

Jayson Myers is a student at the University of Houston.  While his father was in the Air Force, Jayson and his family moved all over the country.  They have lived in the Houston area since 2012.  Jayson began to take classical guitar lessons with Mr. Sean Stone-Ashe at Century Fine Arts in 2017.  Over the years, Jayson has performed in many recitals.  His latest recital selections were “Tarantella,” a beautiful piece by Johann Mertz, and “Perfect,” by Ed Sheeran.  Jayson enjoys challenging himself to improve his technique with complex classical pieces, and he also spends hours relaxing and playing popular songs for himself and his friends.  He has taught guitar lessons with Century Fine Arts for over a year.

Aside from guitar, Jayson also enjoys computer gaming, basketball, church, and artwork.

As a music teacher, Jayson hopes to encourage his students to develop their interest in both the technique of guitar playing and in the fun that comes from making music.