How to Get the Best Results from Your Private Music Lessons

by Sean Stone-Ashe 

Many people enroll themselves or their children in private music lessons thinking that is the final step in their child’s path to musical success. However, it is merely the first step in a long-term transformation into a fully-fledged musician.

This article will feature some beginning tips to help students and parents maximize their potential in a private lesson setting from Day 1.

1. Practice Daily

It might sound like an obvious insight, but you simply must practice at home in order to gain much from your private music lessons. If you only work on your instrument once a week during a lesson, your improvement will be glacial at best, and your teacher won’t be very impressed!

Furthermore, it’s so important to practice every day, even for a little bit. Beginning students gain so much more spending even ten minutes a day on their instrument, rather than a single thirty-minute or one-hour practice session the night before a lesson.

In order to encourage daily practice, you should have a dedicated area in the home for music practice, and if possible, try to practice around the same time every day. I always suggest practicing right before or after dinner.

2. Attend Consistently Every Week

This might also sound obvious, but if you are signed up for weekly lessons, you should plan on attending each lesson at your scheduled time. I’ve always considered attending a weekly music lesson to be the bare minimum requirement for student success

With this in mind, doing everything in your power to maintain your weekly schedule goes a long way to making musical growth easier, while showing professional respect to your teacher.

3. Form a Relationship with your instructor

Throughout my time at Century Fine Arts, I have been impressed with the sense of community that the school fosters.

The performance opportunities listed above, and similar gatherings contribute to the community that not only exists within the school, but reaches beyond the school itself into the Fort Bend area. These opportunities bring CFA’s students to retirement communities, parks, school festivals, and more!

From the moment you walk into the school, you get the sense that community matters there, with artwork by local artists on display, business cards and brochures from other quality local businesses, and the friendly atmosphere that greets you.