Robbie Li

Robbie Li - (Voice, Guitar, and Piano)

Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Robbie Li's musical journey began in a quaint town in northern China, where his love for singing and diverse musical styles on the guitar and piano blossomed during his early years.  From his childhood, he eagerly participated in various vocal competitions and graced stages at numerous functions and venues, igniting his passion for a professional singing career.  At the age of 16, Robbie's dream took a significant step forward as he came under the guidance of esteemed vocal performance mentor, Hong-Hai Ma, a professor at the prestigious "Central Music Conservatory" in Beijing, China.  Under Ma's tutelage, Robbie honed his skills and embarked on a remarkable musical odyssey.  Robbie's thirst for knowledge and excellence led him to the "Tchaikovsky Music Conservatory" in Kiev, Ukraine, where he studied under the esteemed Opera Laureate and Vocal Professor, Alexander Diachenko.  There, he soared to the top of his class, graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor's in Music, and a year later, in 2010, earning a Master's in Vocal Performance.

Beyond his impressive academic achievements, Robbie's talent and dedication have brought him widespread recognition.  He clinched the coveted 1st prize at the prestigious "Squilla Travnevyi Zorepad" International Singing contest, an event organized and funded by the "Ministry of Education and Science" in Ukraine.  A true globetrotter, Robbie has graced stages and shared his expertise with audiences all over the world, including captivating performances and insightful lectures in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the United States.  Notably, he held a personal concert at the esteemed Hobby Center in Houston in January 2014, and his rendition of the National Anthem reverberated through the NBA's Houston Rockets game at the Toyota Center in February 2019.

A versatile artist, Robbie possesses both the finesse of a well-trained classical musician and the charisma of a contemporary/pop music singer.  Alongside his impressive vocal talents, he showcases his instrumental prowess on various musical instruments. As a testament to his enduring passion, he continues to be an active performer in the vibrant local music scene in Houston, collaborating with his electric band at numerous popular music festivals and concerts.

Robbie Li's musical odyssey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and artistic brilliance, captivating audiences with his enchanting voice and versatile musicality.