Rachel Morrison

Rachel Morrison - (Piano, Guitar, and Voice)

Rachel began her study of music as a very young child and has not stopped for a moment since.  She began piano lessons at the age of five, and continued her study of the piano throughout high school and college where she focused on piano/composition at Houston Community College, and subsequently the University of Houston where she also studied Linguistics.

Though piano has been her primary instrument throughout her life, she has always enjoyed singing, and also began learning to play the acoustic guitar on her own at the age of twelve—primarily inspired by her desire to be able to learn some of her favorite guitar/vocal songs.  She has continued to play guitar and sing throughout her adult life and has performed with several bands as a vocalist and guitarist. 

In teaching, she draws from over 15 years of teaching experience as well as over 30 years of experience playing and performing on the piano, as well as a strong classical background.  Though her passion for piano began with her classical training, she also enjoys playing and teaching a myriad of other musical styles, and she is always looking for new ways to explore music on her own and with her students.  She has come to see teaching as a medium through which to express her love of music and to share that with others.

Learning to play an instrument has been the most exciting and rewarding endeavor of my life, and it is that same passion and excitement I want to ignite in my students.  I strive to teach them that with hard work and dedication (and hopefully a great deal of fun), they can gain one of the most gratifying tools for self-expression that they could ever hope for...