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Piano lessons availability: Daily

It is said that if one is interested in learning music then it is best to start with learning the piano. The piano is a very versatile instrument. Whether you want to play as a soloist, accompany another musician or play jazz; learning the piano gives every student a strong foundation to learn other instruments with ease. The piano offers the student the opportunity to read in two different clefs enhancing left and right hand motor skills and physical coordination. Piano instruction also helps develop the brain in the areas of language and reasoning. Learning the piano teaches patience, delayed gratification, increases attention and focus. Read more.

Voice lesson availability: Daily

Singing is a natural talent. Like all instruments, the voice needs training and technique in order to develop to its full potential. Voice and singing lessons help build your confidence, develop range and resonance and increase flexibility. Read more.

Guitar lesson availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

Although one can learn the basics of guitar playing through online videos or apps, this approach of learning an instrument on your own can create certain bad habits that need correcting by an experienced teacher in a one on one lesson environment. Playing guitar is a complex mental and physical task.  It is important for a student to understand that learning an instrument takes time and patience. Working with an experienced teacher helps to build a solid foundation and give immediate face-to-face feedback that one cannot get going at it alone. Read more.

Wind Instruments availability: Wednesday, Saturday

Lessons in wind instruments, both woodwind and brass are offered in our school. Whether you play clarinet or flute, trumpet or saxophone we help our students achieve their musical goals through an emphasis on tone production, dexterity, rhythmic accuracy and artistic coaching. A person who plays these instruments will be taught proper embouchure positioning, note reading and recognition and performance and audition preparation. At Century Fine Arts, we provide private lessons for wind instruments such as Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, and Trombone. Read more

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