Planting the seeds of creativity

David Armando Benitez

Guitar Ensemble 

A native from California, David Armando Benitez started his musical career at the age of 13 when he started to learn his first instrument, the trumpet. He quickly developed a natural inclination towards music and continued to play the trumpet throughout his high school years for the Nogales High School Regiment in La Puente, CA helping the organization earn numerous awards across the state and across the nation. During his high school yeas, David taught himself how to play the guitar and would play it for the Regiment in his senior year. After graduating, David moved to Texas where he attended the University of St. Thomas, graduating in the summer of 2013 with his BA in Music. Afterwards, he would continue his education and enroll to the University of Houston, getting his Master’s in jazz conducting in the summer of 2017.


David can be seen with various musical groups playing guitar, bass, or piano across numerous stages in the Houston area performing pop, rock, country, jazz, blues, and Latin music. He is currently the guitarist for the Conrad Johnson Orchestra, and can be seen playing with other bands, and performing for various churches across Houston including First Presbyterian next to MFAH and the Charismatic Catholic Center.


Being self-taught David fell in love with playing guitar and playing music in general, and later developed skills for the ukulele, bass, piano, and drums. He works to instill that same excitement he still feels to his students, teaching that although learning an instrument isn’t always easy, the rewards of playing and creating art are always worth the hard work.

David Benitez / Guitar Teacher

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