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Century Fine Arts: Expanding your creative mind through the study of music and theatre arts

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It all started with a casual conversation between music teacher and voice student. The talented student/ business man approached the teacher with an idea of building a school that focuses on the interdisciplinary aspects of the arts: music, theater, visual arts, and dance. Immediately realizing what a golden opportunity and gift this would be for the Fort Bend community, the teacher and student went to work on the idea.

A collaboration based on a mutual vision of “Planting the seeds of creativity” they forged ahead with a significant path filled with construction plans, curriculum ideas, and advertisement contracts. These series of events resulted in the creation of Century Fine Arts, an establishment that is geared towards nurturing talents and inspiring dreams.

We are committed to giving our students every opportunity to discover their love for the fine arts and encourage a wide exposure to all art forms. We believe that music and art is omnipresent in one capacity or another. At Century Fine Arts we hope you’ll consider us to mentor you on your artist journey.

Dominique McCormick / Director

Leonard/ Funder, CEO


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